Mango juice?

20190621_122459We’re going to start off with some quotes of the week:

“I cant tell at this point if it’s mango juice or my own sweat”

“At some point you pull the last weed and get to start planting flowers…right?”

“This is the definition of Taiwanese comfort food *waits 30 seconds-eyes begin to water* …okay maybe not haha

This week was pretty good! I’ll just share a quick few experiences and let everyone go on their way.

This week we had Zone Conference with all of the missionaries in our area and our Mission President. We talked about following the Spirit on the 1st prompting. So I set a personal goal to never let a good thought pass because it was most likely from the Spirit. Well, what resulted from this?

We were at the train station headed home and I decided to talk to someone standing on the platform. After bonding over music, we moved into talking about prayer. I’m not really sure how it happened, but it did. In the end she gave us her name and contact information to send to the missionaries in YuLi where she is actually from!

“…biking skills have progressed to the point selfies are simple”

Another one is when we had pulled up to a red stoplight and I was like, gotta talk to someone, at first I talked to the person next to me, and they wouldn’t respond. Usually at that point I’m like, well I tried and wait for the light to turn green. But I had that little thought that was like hey talk to the person on your other side. So I did, and they set up!! We are going to meet with them this week and share more about the Gospel!

We’re still working hard our here with our Less Active members too. We got another one back to church that our Ward Council didn’t think was possible, so that’s awesome!

Other fun experiences from this week was getting to translate in real time all of church. However at some point the members started speaking in Taiwanese. So then another member was translating Taiwanese into Chinese which I would then translate into English. It was insane! Haha



I love you all so so so much!!!


Catching up with my first companion – Sister Griffin.

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