Pairing Homemade Dumplings and S’mores

大家好! It was transfer week! I am officially done with "training" Haha but I'm pretty sure the goal is to always be learning new things, so I guess you are technically never done with training. But, in missionary lingo here, that means I've moved into "breaking". My "breaker" is Sister Valencia...first name Sanrio if anyone … Continue reading Pairing Homemade Dumplings and S’mores

An Long-haired English-teaching Vegetarian

大家好!? (Everybody good!?) This week, I really just want to tell you about one specific person. Her name is 洪嘉君 (Hóng Jīa Jūn). So about a week and a half ago now, she walked into our English class with her cute almost two year old daughter. When we asked her how she heard about our … Continue reading An Long-haired English-teaching Vegetarian