An Long-haired English-teaching Vegetarian

大家好!? (Everybody good!?) This week, I really just want to tell you about one specific person. Her name is 洪嘉君 (Hóng Jīa Jūn). So about a week and a half ago now, she walked into our English class with her cute almost two year old daughter. When we asked her how she heard about our … Continue reading An Long-haired English-teaching Vegetarian

Missionary Works is Filled with Miracles

妳會冷嗎? (Nî huì lĕng ma?) (You're able to be cold?) This is the question that people have been asking me for weeks. Because it's been 77 degrees Fahrenheit, so I've still been wearing my short sleeves and crocs. So no, as of right now, I'm not able to be cold. But all of these Taiwanese … Continue reading Missionary Works is Filled with Miracles

Miss Trouble, Sister Wang, and Dinosaur

Hello everyone! I hope you're having a wonderful Christmas season! We tried really hard to bring the Christmas Spirit into Taiwan this week and we saw so many little miracles because of it! This week we went caroling in a Carrefour (Taiwan's Wal Mart) and it was so fun! Lots of families would stop with … Continue reading Miss Trouble, Sister Wang, and Dinosaur

I’ll Bike Where You Want Me to Bike

Hello! I had another solid week out here in Taiwan! That's how I'm going to preface this entire email, because we had so many great plans, but sometimes the Lord has different plans and makes everything into a great learning experience. There have been a few times this week when we seriously biked for hours … Continue reading I’ll Bike Where You Want Me to Bike

“Root” of my Happiness

十二月快樂! (Happy December!) I hope you're all getting in that Christmas Spirit and serving those around you! I'm so grateful to be able to share the true reason for Christmas with the people of Taiwan. Christ truly is the greatest gift we've ever been given! This week in Taiwan was amazing! I'm pretty sure I … Continue reading “Root” of my Happiness