The First Talk, a Lucky Bug, and Singing Garbage Trucks

大家好! I can't believe it's already been another week! Taiwan is so good! I haven't eaten anything weird yet for all of you who are wondering (knock on wood) because my trainer is not too adventurous herself. We eat lots of soup and noodles and dumplings. We had some really good Taiwanese curry though (dad … Continue reading The First Talk, a Lucky Bug, and Singing Garbage Trucks

Images from General Conference

Kara joined a combined choir from the Provo Missionary Training Center for the afternoon session of the 188th semiannual conference of the Church. In his closing comments of the 2-day conference, President Russell M. Nelson, shared the following:  "This has been an inspirational and historic conference. We look to the future with enthusiasm. We have been … Continue reading Images from General Conference

Soccer, Surgery, and Spirituality

Weishenme Nihao Nali (Why Hello There - direct English translation therefore the mandarin is not correct haha) Well, let's just explain that subject line. Every Sunday we, as a district, pick a Christlike attribute to work on for the week. Last week we picked humility, and individually in some way or another we all got … Continue reading Soccer, Surgery, and Spirituality