Story Time

Story time!
I freaking love Guo JM! Friday she walks into her lesson and just starts asking questions. Remind me one more time why we also need the Book of Mormon and not just the Bible? Is Moroni from the scriptures and Angel Moroni the same person? What does the authority of prophets make them have the ability to do? Why can’t you drink tea and coffee? She asks questions every time, and every time you can tell how much she actually wants the answer. We taught her the importance of prayer in helping us receive answers and invited her to pray about Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon again.
Sunday when she came to church, the Relief Society lesson asked the question about trials of faith. What challenge have you had? How did you get through it? What is the testimony you have now? Guo JM shared about the issues she’d been having work and readjusting to being in Taiwan. She said she wanted to quit her job but wasn’t sure what she needed to do. So she decided to pray about it and see what God’s thoughts were.  It was so awesome hearing her tell how she feels God gave her an answer to prayer.
She has come such a long way! In the beginning she didn’t even believe in God, but now she believes that God is there and can answer prayers when we ask specific questions.
Next story…
The Jiang family is just filled with miracles. First off, mom was there for a lesson. At first she said she was just going to stay for the prayer and then leave. Then she was going to leave after we finished sharing one topic. Then she was going to leave after the next scripture. She ended up staying the whole time Haha. I guess the Priesthood and the Word of Wisdom were too captivating. The lesson went so fantastically! The daughter helped us review and explain everything to give mom and dad better context and understanding. She is amazing! Then as soon as we mentioned the Word of Wisdom, they started calling each other out for the parts that they were not keeping. Mom was coffee, daughter was tea, and dad was smoking. But right in the moment they all said they wanted to stop and created a plan.
I left the lesson a little nervous about Jiang Baba. He said they had sacrificed a lot for the Gospel, but he feels like it is bringing his life more meaning. I’ve just wanted him to have his own testimony. Because of his love for his daughter, up to that point he had just been doing it all for his daughter. I prayed for him so hard.
Sunday comes and he comes to church. Daughter is nowhere in sight and it’s usually her that gets dad to come to church. Dad said that daughter was still sleeping and he couldn’t get her to wake up, but he knew he needed to be at church, so he came by himself. Also in a matter of days he drastically cut down the amount of cigarettes he smokes a day. He is hoping this week to quit completely, so pray for him.
All of their testimonies are growing and it makes me just so happy to think about!
I know that they are a very large part of the reason I have been called to 永和 (YongHe)!
Helping people develop their own personal testimony has grown mine so much! I’m treasuring every experience I get to have out here.
I love you all so so so much!!!

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