A Time of Remembrance

Happy Chinese New Year!
We’ve spent most of our time with members this week eating, sharing family traditions, eating, feeling the Spirit, and more eating haha way more food than should ever by consumed by humans alone. Nothing too crazy food wise this year, although that might just be because my tastebuds have grown accustomed to it. Some of my favorites from this year: sticky cake, squid, sour-cabbage dumplings, and giant shrimp.
The streets here have been deserted as everyone traveled back to the countryside to be with families for this amazing holiday. A city that used to be go go go nonstop has reminded me a little of my time in Taidong. If any of you remember how much I loved Taidong, you will also know how much I loved ministering to Less Active members.
Well that has not changed! I’ve been working right along side these people helping them understand the power and magnitude of the Atonement. Two men have started to come back to church and Sunday, due to extremely low numbers of youth, they were asked to pass the Sacrament. This is the Sacrament that they partook of the first time only a few weeks ago to feel the cleansing power of Jesus Christ and repentance in their life. Now, they worthily can exercise their offices in the Priesthood and take the blessings of the Sacrament to everyone. It was a powerful day taking the Sacrament.
It made me reflect a little more on the meaning of the Sacrament prayers. What is stressed in both prayers is that all is done in the remembrance of Christ. We promise to always remember Him, and He promises that we will have His spirit to be with us.
So what are we supposed to remember?
Elder [Jeffrey R.] Holland has a long list of things we should remember in his talk, “This Do in Remembrance of Me”.
Remember that He is the creator.
Remember that He was born of humble birth.
Remember that He served anonymously.
Remember that He heals and brings hope.
Remember that He has invited us all to become happy as little children.
Remember that He is our friend.
Remember that He too suffered pain and injustices.
Remember that He is your Savior.
The list goes on. There’s a reason we have to partake of this ordinance for ourselves every week. It’s important. My testimony of its importance has only grown as a missionary.
I love being a missionary! We are teaching so many incredible people! Among those, currently we are teaching 3 young single adults. They are very different, but oh so similar in their circumstances. They all want the Gospel to be able to bless them or help in different challenges they are facing in their lives. But…they don’t believe in God. They can’t just flip the switch on 25 years of life and decide they believe in God now. They are all trying. They are all praying. They all want the answers. They are so close, we can feel it!
Time is flying! This week I will start my last transfer. I will be staying in my area, but getting a new companion! Her name is Sister Christensen, and I already know her well. She was born in China but adopted and raised in Blackfoot, Idaho. It should be an exciting transfer!
I love you all so so so much!!!

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