Teaching as the Savior Taught


This week was way busy! We had three different exchanges, and taught some incredible lessons! As most of you know teaching is one of my favorite parts of the calling as a missionary. Maybe I get it instinctively from my mother, but I’ve always loved teaching. The lessons that we taught this week were definitely something very special!

I want to share with you just two of those lessons.

The first is with our friend named Sisley. Now we prayed for a really long time about which member could be present at her lesson to help and fellowship her in this process. We found a perfect match! They hit it off! We taught the Plan of Salvation and our member patiently answered all of her questions. Now the Plan of Salvation was always something that just made sense to me probably because it’s what I grew up knowing, but for some reason this Plan seemed so intangible to someone we were teaching. So our member began to share her experiences from when she first heard of the Plan of Salvation. One thing I’ve learned as a missionary is the importance of members in an investigators entire conversion process. It was awesome!

And now by far my favorite lesson, that I’m so so happy about! The Jiang family~

A bit of sad news first, the mom of this family got too overwhelmed with all the differences at a new church and couldn’t get past what she couldn’t understand. So she isn’t willing to meet with us yet. Keep praying for her. We are trying and so is cute 14 year-old daughter and dad. BUT!

Every Thursday we meet with the dad and daughter. This week we decided to take it back to the story of Joseph Smith because they still didn’t understand why we needed the Book of Mormon or the importance of praying to know the truth. So we went in prepared with lots of scriptures and analogies and simplified teaching to help them truly understand.

First the analogy we shared: Your math teacher gives you a really difficult problem to solve. You think about it for a really really long time, you try different approaches to solve it, but you just can’t get it. What do you do now? You could try asking classmates, friends, parents, and even the internet for help. Well turns out they don’t know how to solve the problem either. What do you do now? Ask your teacher. She helps you solve it. Why could the teacher help? Because she was the source of the problem. Whenever we have a problem or question, we have to ask the source if we went the most correct solution.

So we relate this to Joseph Smith and his experience looking for the true church. In the end, he asks God, the ultimate source of knowledge.

Then we watched the video of the Restoration. Let me just say, that is a 5 minute, powerhouse video! As soon as the music starts, you could feel the Spirit enter the room. Wow it was an indescribable feeling. When the video finished we asked them to describe how they felt. They said it was hard to describe but it felt good and it just felt right. I asked them if they’d felt it before. The dad said he’d felt it at church. We testified of that being the Holy Ghost and how the Holy Ghost helps us recognize truth.

We weren’t planning on it at the beginning of the lesson, but the promptings of the Spirit were so strong. I invited them to be baptized. Dad said yes immediately, beaming with this large smile. Daughter asked what baptism was, and after we explained she said of course I want to be baptized! The smiles on their faces are permanently etched in my brain. I love them so much!! I’ve always wanted to teach a family as a missionary! We are hoping to help them be baptized the end of February or the beginning of March.

I love this work! I love being a missionary! It sure is exhausting, but it’s exhausting in the best way!

I love you all so so so much!!!


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