Final post of the year


Hello everybody!

Sister Mayuyo and I have been working really hard on trying to improve our relationship with the ward. I have been working especially hard on one member, our Elders Quorum President. Finally, he let us set a time to come visit him and his wife in their home. I have to admit, I was apprehensive going in, but the visit went better than I ever could have asked for. After a spiritual message that everyone felt the Spirit, we asked about less active members that we could go minister to. (Keep in mind, when we’d asked in the past he would just tell us to look at the ward list…well we weren’t having much success with that.) He started to list a few names of people that had been on his mind. And get this, he set up appointments to take us to visit two of these members. Wow it was incredible!

In one of these visits we met Brother Li. Brother Li has a lot of serious struggles and has a pure desire to change. But he said he couldn’t just change and that he was unworthy of coming to church. We had a wonderful share about the Atonement of Jesus Christ, and everyone there felt uplifted and empowered. Brother Li stepped foot in the church for the first time in a long time to come to a ward dinner. Next step, get him in the chapel to partake of the Sacrament to help him truly rely on Christ’s Atonement.

20191227_121103Another member we went to visit this week was Sister Ye. She hadn’t been to church for all of December and we felt the need to stop by and see if there was anything we could do. Turns out she really did need us to bring the Spirit into her home and help her find a light in the dark. She had been feeling really lonely lately and that life was getting overwhelming. We shared some of our favorite scriptures with her and then even spent some time just helping her clean her apartment so she felt like she had control over things again. When we left she was smiling through tears and overcome with gratitude. It feels good to serve even in small ways such as washing someone’s enormous pile of dirty dishes.

“happily serving with Sister Porter”

One last miracle we saw with members this week was a miracle that kept on giving. Monday we got a call from our Relief Society Counselor asking if she could introduce us to her neighbors daughter who was 13 years-old. Her parents thought the Gospel could help her become a better child. Well, Tuesday the took us to meet the father and we set up a time to visit him and his daughter on Thursday. Thursday came and the daughter actually had no idea we were coming, but she and her dad both sad down with us. We talked about how Jesus Christ can bless families and shared a short message. They said we could come back and share more and that they wanted to come to church with us on Sunday. Well, Sunday comes around, and not only did they come, but they invited the mother of this family too! They all loved church and we are so excited to go back and teach them this week!

This work is incredible! That is because it is the work of God. I love being a missionary!

I love you all so so so much!!!


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Teaching the gospel of happiness

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