A Change in Assignment

“First pictures from Yonghe”

Hi everyone!
This week was insane!!

After planning for the day, I got asked multiple times by companions it we even planned time to eat. Haha we have had so much to do and snacks on the go have been a life saver! So have miracle members who have brought us lots of fruit. I think I’ve eaten more oranges this week than my entire life Haha!

But with how busy we’ve been we’ve seen some amazing miracles! Tuesday we had back to back lessons at the chapel all day. We got to the chapel at 9am and didn’t leave until 7pm. When one person finished their lesson, they walked out the front door and another walked in the front door. We found some new friends to teach and worked with some less actives as well. It was incredible!

“With Sister Arcy Mayuyo”

Thursday I transferred to my new area in YongHe (永和)! I now live in one of the highest population density cities of the mission. I walked into the chapel and was taken way back. The first night of my mission I had gone to that chapel to teach English Class, and I never remembered where it was. I guess this is what people call full circle. I’m back to where it all started, and I couldn’t be happier!

Friday we had a few minutes before we needed to be home for the night and we decided to call one last person. They set up for the next day and when I showed up she goes, “wait you’re white?!” Haha it was way funny! But she was so excited to hear the Gospel and said she wanted her older brother to hear as well, so we were able to get him in contact with the Elders over his area.

We’ve set some high goals this transfer, so we’re excited to see some miracles!

My new companion is Sister Arcy Mayuyo and she is from the Philippines. She is 6 weeks younger than me mission-wise, and I absolutely love her already!

“Last pictures from TaoYuan”

Sorry it’s not a super detailed email this week. We have choir practice today for Christmas, and there’s not much time.

I love this Gospel so much! Jesus Christ truly is the way for happiness!

I love you all so so so much!!!


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