Frozen Cocoa Puffs

“One of my friends I taught in TaiDong got baptized this week! (I found her on the street and then we taught her the first two lessons before passing her off to the other Sisters because she lived in their ward boundaries. She was WAY prepared to hear this Gospel! I love her! Her name is Zhong Yun Ting!)”

Good Morning/Good Afternoon/Good Evening Folks

I’ve just got to say that I am immensely grateful for the knowledge of the Plan of Salvation! That seemed to be something we taught a lot this week in lots of different situations, and honestly, it just makes life so much better!

So let’s talk about it.

In English Class this week we were talking about families and extended families which naturally leads into a spiritual share on family history, why we need to do family history, and the Plan of Salvation. Now the Taiwanese people love their ancestors! It’s who they worship and pray to for help, so you think they would love learning about how they can help their ancestors. Sidetracked…Anyways, I asked my English Class who was afraid of death. Every nonmember raised their hand, every member didn’t. I asked why, and they said because there’s a lot of fear about the unknown. So wouldn’t you like to know what happens? Fun fact, it’s all outlined in the Book of Mormon, maybe you could give that a read sometime hahaha. Anyways I was then able to share some videos and some scriptures and testify of how the Plan of Salvation has blessed my life. Pretty cool, huh? We also had someone come up to us after English Class and ask to learn more about it! Woooooo

Let’s throw in another one.

Reincarnation? Now that just sounds exhausting. And I think I found the flaw in that system. If you believe in worshiping your deceased ancestors, but also believe in reincarnation, who are you currently worshipping? According to your logic, they probably have already been reincarnated into a monkey or a praying mantis. Wouldn’t it be so much better to just have eternal rest and peace and happiness? Sounds better to me.

How about some miracles this week teaching friends and members the Plan of Salvation.


Craig is a friend that a member brings to English Class every week. We started teaching him the Gospel a few weeks ago, and he is the most engaged person I’ve ever taught during lessons. As we taught the Plan of Salvation (we completely change the concept of how people think about life and death soooo….that’s big) he asked so many questions. Why does God give us agency if He wants us all to come back? My ancestors died without the Gospel, what do we do to help them? Alright, I’ll pray to know if this Plan of Salvation is true, but how am I going to know if God answers my prayer? How amazing, right?! His two friends, who are both preparing for missions shared amazing testimonies and experiences, and it was incredible! Craig is awesome!

Zhang JM!

The sympathetic crier in me sat with this member and cried with her for a good few minutes during our lesson. Grief is real. Her son passed away a few months ago, and it has been really hard for her to adjust to the new normal. Her son had many different physical and intellectual disabilities, and as she showed us pictures and videos you could tell how much joy and happiness he brought into her life with his sweet spirit. As we sat there listening to her talk, it became very apparent that she didn’t understand how the Plan of Salvation works. There is a Spirit World. I know it’s there. This next part I share might not be doctrine, but I know our already passed on relatives look over us and watch us as our personal guardian angels. You could feel the presence of her son in that room as we testified of being able to have perfect bodies and resting from all the challenges and hardships of life. You could feel his presence and the love of God as we testified about the ability to have eternal families. And then we just held her as she cried. Grief is real, but trust in God’s plan and His timing is real too. I’m grateful we could be the ones to share these eternal truths with her.

One of my favorite General Conference talks I read this week about the Plan of Salvation was from, at the time, President Uchtdorf, April 2010, “Your Happily Ever After”. Go check it out if you have time.

Also General Conference is coming up, and I’m way excited!!

Heavenly Father! I know He gave us this Gospel to help us navigate the challenges life puts in our path! I know we have eternal families…do I know how that’s going to work out in all cases, no, but I trust that God already has it figured out. I am so happy to be able to bring this glorious message to the people of Taiwan every day!

Funny things that happened this week:

1. My companion pointed out that when I talk I ask a question and then immediately follow it with the answer (present in my email as well). I noticed she does the same thing Haha we aren’t 100% sure who gets it from who Haha but she’s pretty positive I started it.

2. We were filming a promotion video for our English class at a playground, let’s just say, don’t pivot on wet playground equipment hahaha you will fall and get a massive bruise.

3. We tried to go English finding at IKEA…didn’t find anyone who was interested in free English…like what?!  But aside from getting lost inside, IKEA sells 10 kuai ice cream cones which is less than 50 cents! That’s so cool!! And they taste amazing hahaha anyone know if America IKEA has that?

4. Another set of Sister’s came over to our house one day and needed to have breakfast. I told them they could have whatever they wanted, and when they found out we had Cocoa Puffs, they were dying to have some. Anyways they pull out the milk, and apparently our fridge settings somehow got way too cold. Hahaha but the milk was frozen and she slams it on the table and goes, “is this some kind of sick joke?” hahahahha we couldn’t stop laughing!

Anyways. This was the fastest transfer of my life! We didn’t think much would change over here, but looks like the only constant thing in my life is change. Sister Chan and I do both get to stay which I’m so grateful for because I absolutely LOVE her! But we are getting another Sister from a neighboring area and we are going to be a tripanionship. Her name is Sister Chloe Jesen. She is from Logan Utah. She’s been on her mission since about May of this year. Should be an adventure!

Hope you all have a great week!
I love you all so so so much!!!


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