Hello beautiful people!

What a great week over here in Taiwan! It started with the ability to go to the temple. I LOVE the temple! I hadn’t had the opportunity to go since February, and let’s just say I drastically missed the weekly temple trips of my youth. But it was so great to be back! The overwhelming feelings of peace and guidance, the ability to help family receive the blessings of the Gospel, the love and light that just radiates as everyone is feeling the love of God is all just incredible! Go to the temple more often. It might be a small sacrifice, but it’s worth it. Jesus Christ sacrificed so much for you, his entire life even, so what are you willing to sacrifice for Him?
1567987392647The rest of our week was filled with member visits! (Disclaimer: Almost every member is a convert in our ward; very few were raised in the church) This ward in Taoyuan is on fire with missionary work. At church we read President Uchtdorf’s talk about sharing what’s in your heart, and every single member was able to share something they have done, in the past 5 months since this counsel has been given, to share the Gospel with family and friends. The miracles we have seen already are amazing!
20190904_123936(0)At each of these member visits, we typically begin by hearing people’s conversion stories and asking them what the difference in their life has been now that they have the Gospel. As they testify of the blessings almost every one of them has a thought come to them of who needs these exact same blessings.
One of my favorites this week was a part member family who has been members since 2015. Mom and three of her four kids were baptized. She just sent her oldest son into the mission field last month, and her daughter leaves in November. So we were meeting with mom and daughter, and as the daughter is testifying of Christ’s Atonement she all of the sudden goes, “Oh yeah, I have a friend I want to introduce you to at church tomorrow!” She is already an amazing missionary! We asked her how she had shared the Gospel with her friend, and she said she didn’t know…she never had really shared her testimony. However, after talking for a while it came down to her actions. Her behavior and her actions were a different example than the rest of the world that became appealing to others because they could see the light of Christ shining through her. Be an example, share the light.
20190907_204957Another favorite was a visit to a couple who have been members for roughly 7 years. They currently have 3 daughters with daughter number 4 coming next week. As we were listening to their conversion story, all I could think was that the Gospel truly can change people.
When I was in middle school someone asked me if people could change and I said, “Maybe…it depends”. At that point did I knew what it depended on? No. But the answer I would give now is, “Yes! 100% yes, people can! I see it every day as they rely on Christ and make decisions to draw closer to God!”
So this couple, the husband in particular, had a drastic change. He went from being an alcoholic who smoked a few packs a day and was addicted to betel nut, to the most kind, loving, and gentle father. He testified that it was the power of Christ’s Atonement that allowed him to make this 180 degree change. It was just incredible to hear him testify of his conversion to Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ.
Now, I was raised in the church, so by most people’s definition, I don’t get the title of “convert”. But why not? Shouldn’t everybody be converted?
I read a talk this week called, “The Challenge to Become” by President Dallin H. Oaks.
He has a line in there that reads, “Jesus’ challenge shows that the conversion He required for those who would enter the kingdom of heaven (see Matt. 18:3) was far more than just being converted to testify to the truthfulness of the gospel. To testify is to know and to declare. The gospel challenges us to be “converted,” which requires us to do and to become.”
1567767680735Who are we becoming? What is your conversion story?
I am being converted every day as I choose to take Jesus Jesus Christ’s name upon myself and share His love with the world. Through this action, I am finding out what it means to have Christlike charity and fully rely on the Savior who has the power to help us change. I become more converted every day! I know this Gospel is true, and I’m so grateful for its ability to bless my life!
Funny things that happened this week:
1. Tried to buy cocoa puffs at the store by just relying on the picture on the box. Get home, pour a bowl, take a bite, think they taste really weird, take another bite, read the box…they are brown sugar pearl tea flavored. Guess who just broke the word of wisdom. Haha whoops! It’s okay, I’ve repented and haven’t had a bad run in since…but still on the hunt for those cocoa puffs hahaha
2. One day during language study, I had bought a cheap chocolate bar and Sister Chan had bought these gummy rings. We had the genius idea of putting them together and the legit tasted like chocolate covered orange sticks or chocolate covered gummy bears and I thought I was in heaven for a hot sec hahaha
3. We were sitting on the steps of a building with some guy talking about the purpose of life when some random guy popped out of nowhere. He asked if we taught English class, so we handed him a flyer and told him to come by on Wednesday. Accepting the flyer was accompanied with a fist pump and the English word proudly declared, “SCORE!!!” Hahah I started laughing way hard!
4. We were calling through the phone numbers of some English potentials to see if they had suggestions on how to improve English class and ask if they were interested in the Gospel. We didn’t recognize the name of one of them, and when we invited her to learn about Christ, she said she already was meeting with missionaries and that she loved it! Haha turns out she is one of the people we are teaching already fun facts. Haha it was a little awkward but has made for some good laughs!
I hope you all have a great week!
I love you all so so so much!!!

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