Funfetti cake in a mug

Caramel Waffle Ice Cream

Hello Everybody!

Sister Chan and I created a theme/mantra/phrase for this week at the very beginning and wow did it ring true almost every day.

“If it’s going to be funny later, let it be funny now!”

Apparently I love to tell stories, and Sister Chan just sits there laughing her head off as I tell them. One lunchtime story session led into a rather deep discussion about finding humor in the failures and having a positive outlook. This is the conversation in which the mantra stemmed from.

On that note, let’s just have a quick snapshot into what happened the rest of the week:

~ Tuesday we got lost somewhere not in our area and my phone with the Sim card died.

~ Wednesday we went to pick up Sister Chan’s bike from the train station. At the time, we had my bike and a rickety old exchange bike that was too tall for the both of us, but I had to ride because I’m just barely taller than Sister Chan Haha…let’s just say, my feet didn’t touch the ground and the bar in the middle was higher than my waist Haha…but…no injuries took place while riding this bike. Anyways, we get to the train station and we ship away the old bike to the mission home because they said they had wanted it back. Well it’s shipped away and then the train station tells us they don’t have Sister Chan’s bike Haha. There were lots of fun adventures involving bikes this week which looking back are hilarious! In the end, a few trips to the train station later, and a whole lot of phone calls, her bike has been secured into our possession.

“Funfetti…. with a side of ants”

~ Thursday I hit my one year mark and celebrated by eating a funfetti cake in a mug…only to find out after baked that the package had little holes bored into it by ants, and I had little ants for sprinkles…still ate it though because it tasted good Haha a little extra protein never hurt anyone.

~ Friday we got caught in the pouring rain after the building we were right next to got struck by lightning. Let’s just say that was the loudest clap of thunder I had ever heard. We were drenched and a little deaf.

~ Saturday…lost again

~ Sunday… lost again (seems to be a common occurrence…thank you Google maps)

~ Monday I crashed my bike. I just have to say that I am very proud I made it a whole year without falling off my bike onto the ground…but…we were lost again; I was looking at my phone for directions. A car pulled out of nowhere, so I slammed on my brakes. Here’s the catch…I only had one hand on the handlebars because the other was holding a phone…it was the hand of the front brakes. I went flying hahahah luckily only bruises.

I can honestly say in every single one of these situations I just laughed. It would have been so easy to be sad, angry, stressed, or upset, but it was going to make a funny story later, so Sister Chan and I just laughed Haha usually bought some ice cream to go with it (found a really good caramel waffle ice cream), but we have shared some funny memories already.

This week wasn’t all comedic tragedies though, we had some amazing visits with our members and met a really cool new friend.

We just got to this area, so we are doing our best to get to know the situation of some of our members as well as hopefully continue to inspire them to be member missionaries.

We have been biking from member visit to member visit and have met some amazing members, most of which have been converts as of the year I was born. We used my Book of Mormon case which is covered in pictures of Jesus to share our testimonies and have them share their testimonies with us. Incredible and enlightening in every way.

“Our new friend Angie with her adorable two children”

At the end of last week we had a meeting set up with a potential we called from the beginning of the week. Her name is Angie and she has an adorable son and daughter! Our first meeting with her went legit play by play everything out of the playbook. Every question she asked was exactly what we wanted to talk about next. She has a real desire to understand her relationship with God as well as find an environment to help her raise good children. She already knows deep down that she’s found the right place. I pray that she continues to progress and see God change her life!

Well I don’t have much time today since we get to go to the temple for the first time in forever!! I’m so excited!

Talk to you next week!

I love you all so so so much!!!



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