500 pages in a week

An amazing sunset in Taiwan

Hello everybody!

A flood, not THEE flood, but a flood nonetheless.

This week, I was 90% sure that Jesus was coming. On Tuesday we had an earthquake (note from my brother is that it was a 5.6, but I still don’t know where the epicenter was). Then on Wednesday lightning flashed before our eyes, thunder deafened our ears, rain dumped from the sky, and the church flooded. Haha it was an adventure with the elements to say the least! In the end, Christ didn’t come yet, but His work is still progressing over here on the beautiful island of Taiwan!

We went to find a less active member named Li JM. When we went, she wasn’t at home, but her mom was! (She is not a member yet) So we shared a picture of Jesus and a few scriptures. After sharing our testimony she said we could come back the next day to visit her and her daughter.

So we go back the next day and share the message of the Restoration. The daughter who hasn’t been to church in years then started bearing her testimony of how she knew it was true! When we invited the mom to say the prayer at the end, she said no. However, after her daughter teaching her how to pray and walking her through it, she said a beautiful prayer! It was incredible, and we are set up to go visit them again this week!

We also went on exchanges with our Sister Training Leaders this week.

“The cute college aged student who is going to read the Book of Mormon”

I had the opportunity to teach a cute college-aged girl and get her excited about the Book of Mormon. So we simply started reading the Book of Mormon with her. We started where everyone starts in 1 Nephi 1. But as we were relating Nephi and Lehi’s experiences directly to her she got so excited. She looked at how many pages it was and goes, “well on average I can read a 500 page book in a week. I’ll be done with it by the next time we meet and we can discuss it.” Haha so that was pretty awesome! We told her to focus on the feelings she was having as she read, so hopefully that goes well for her!

20190607_140028We also got a referral from a member in their ward. She told the missionaries that she couldn’t shake the feeling she got during General Conference of giving her mom an opportunity to hear the Gospel while she was still alive. So we biked an hour and a half through the blazing sun out to the boonies to teach a 96 year old woman. And she has so much faith and wants to get baptized so bad! It was freaking adorable! I love her already!

I absolutely love my mission in Taiwan! There has been a lot of reflection this past week as I reached my halfway mark, and I’ve just got to say…This truly is the work of God. I have never been happier in my life! It might not be easy, but God truly is in every detail!

Funny things that happened this week:

20190604_1551301. I almost got bit by 8 crazy wild dogs as I was biking near some rice fields…after the dogs finally gave up we went into the rice fields just to take some pictures Haha. My cute Filipina companion grabs a grain of rice, eats it and goes, “this can be harvested next week” hahaha we laughed for a really long time.

2. While we were sitting in my favorite curry place eating dinner, we had an earthquake. The lady who was cooking looks up from the food, screams, “earthquake” and just goes back to cooking. Everyone that was eating just kept minding their own business. Haha it was funny!

3. During the lightning storm, we walked into the church, and I was like wow my life just flashed before my eyes. One of the Elders looks at me and goes, “nah it was just lightning, you’re fine” hahahah

Now to go adventuring!
I hope you all have a good week!
I love you so so so much!!!


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