Miss Trouble, Sister Wang, and Dinosaur

Hello everyone!

I hope you’re having a wonderful Christmas season! We tried really hard to bring the Christmas Spirit into Taiwan this week and we saw so many little miracles because of it!

1545014113629 (1)This week we went caroling in a Carrefour (Taiwan’s Wal Mart) and it was so fun! Lots of families would stop with their kids to listen to all the white people singing and we would walk up to them and share with them Light the World. It was so amazing testifying of Christ! I love Christmas! Christmas is truly all about Him. He gave everything and continues to give everything to us! I love my Savior!

20181214_181554We had a wonderful lesson with our most progressing friend we are teaching (Sister Huang) and she has a baptismal date for January 19. She’s in Utah right now for the Holidays, but she has developed such a strong relationship with her Savior and I’m so excited for her!

The person that basically fought us about not knowing who Jesus was and telling us the church needed to change from last week came to church and was the most pleasant lady ever! It was shocking.

Another miracle was just miracle after miracle. We went to find a less active member of our ward. We didn’t have an address; we just had a rough estimate of directions. When we got to the area, we could not find it. As we were biking around, a cute girl from the Philippines straight up asked us if she could come to church with us and learn more about Christ. She has never met missionaries before and she approached us and said hello. It was amazing! She was so bubbly and just happy about life! We are set up to meet with her this week! Then as soon as we stopped talking with her, the less active we were looking for pulled up on her motorcycle and goes, “Sisters?”. We were shocked! She let us follow her to her house and share a message with her. It truly was amazing because we were about to give up on trying to find her house.

The biggest miracle of this week was a woman we met. Her name is Sister Wang. I made friends with her little boy in a Seven. Then, when we were getting ready to leave, I started talking to this mom about her son. We invited her to church and she said she would have to ask her husband because he didn’t believe in God. We told her we would call her that night and ask about what her husband said. When we called, her husband answered the phone. We got really nervous that he was just gonna tell us to leave her alone. BUT! He said that if the baby was awake before church, they would be there. On Sunday, we called 20 minutes before to church to ask if they were coming. They didn’t answer. At 5 minutes till start they called back and said they were just about to leave and asked what they should wear. They came to church, a lot of the ward members talked to them and welcomed them, and they set up to meet again this week! We are so excited!

So it truly was an amazing week! Christmas Miracles are real!

1544622461709 (1)
All of the missionaries that teach English lessons in this part of Taiwan.

Funny things that happened this week:

1. There’s a member in one of the wards in Taiwan named Miss Trouble. That is the English name she has chosen for herself. She definitely knows what it means. hahaha But she is known by all the missionaries as the “missionary paparazzi”. She literally pops up out of nowhere and takes pictures of all the missionaries and puts them on Facebook! So if for some reason you happen upon her Facebook (I have no idea how you would find it), there are probably a few pictures of me looking really confused as to why someone is taking my picture. Haha

2. I was teaching the 10 commandments this week, and instead of saying ‘don’t worship idols,’ I said ‘don’t worship your spouse.’ Haha oops<

3. We biked to a college campus to have lunch with a member, and sat at a table next to a man from Arabia. Let’s just say, I had to refrain from the goat farmer accent, and it was really hard. Probably a really good thing I didn’t get called to India on my mission Haha but if anyone is wondering, I can speak Chinese in the accent too, so that just makes it even more fun!


4. The Seven that we were at for language study played Taylor Swift for a straight hour. It was golden. hahaha

That’s about it! I hope you have a great week getting ready for Christmas!!

I love you all so so so much!!!


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